What Services Do You Provide?

  • Comprehensive Home Inspection
  • Wind Mitigation Report
  • 4 Point Inspection
  • I assist with Septic, WDO and Water Testing
  • Provide Drone Inspections and Thermal Imaging free of charge during inspection
What is a Comprehensive Home Inspection?

This is a visual inspection of all of the home systems and its construction, inside and out. Most often, this is in connection with the buying or selling of a home. The client receives a 15-20 page narrative type report, with plenty of captioned photos detailing what is pointed out. We provide the ages of the major home components, their condition, as well as photos of both the positives and any recommendations the Inspector may suggest. We are able to provide this report, usually, within 24 hours of the actual event.

Who Should Get a Home Inspection?

Current homeowners, potential home buyers and sellers, and real estate agents are the most common clients of home inspectors. Inspectors give owners and potential buyers the information necessary for making an informed decision about needed repairs and the overall condition of the house.

What Does a Comprehensive Home Inspection Cost?

This Inspector charges for his service by the square footage under roof, which includes the garage. That is because up to one-third of my time is spent there. It is $300.00 for the first 1500 square feet.

What Parts of The Home Are Inspected?

A Comprehensive Inspection will include virtually all aspects of the home, interior and exterior. These are some of the areas included:

  • House structure
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roof
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Water heater
  • Drainage and gutters
  • Major kitchen appliances and laundry machines
  • Other visible signs of unsafe conditions; areas or appliances that need repairs
What is a Wind Mitigation Report?

A Wind Mitigation Report provides information on how well attached the roof is to the home. The Insurance Company should then provide a discount on the homeowner’s insurance based on this report.

What is a 4 Point Inspection and When is it Needed?

In most cases a 4 Point Inspection Report is required by your Homeowner’s Insurance Company when the home reaches 30 years of age. The 4 Points are; the ROOF, the HEAT AND AIR (HVAC), the ELECTRICAL, and the PLUMBING. Your Insurance Company wants to know if these areas have been updated and when. We provide the documentation and photos to verify your situation. There are exceptions, but generally, these are the facts.