Informing a Client.

Dave and Jeanne,
You’re very welcome.  I really enjoy working with both you and your wife.
Wishing you sweet deals,

CJ _______  Realtor                      12-4-2016

Hey Dave,
Everything worked well, and I recvd. my new lower cost home insurance policy.
You have done a fine job and I appreciated your help.

John  _______                   1-7-2018

Mr. Taylor,
That is the best, concise, non-scarey, thorough inspection I’ve had the pleasure to review! Thank You.

Broker Associate, Realtor               4-20-2017

Many thanks to you & Jeanne, Dave!
I appreciate your fitting us in to scheduling & for your careful & informed reporting!

With Best Regards,
Debbie _________     Realtor             1-6-2017

Dave and Jeanne,
Thank you for the thorough inspection reports. I feel satisfied that I am buying a very good home. I would recommend your services. It was a pleasure doing business with you and nice meeting you both.

Jeanette _________                 2-25-2016

Hello David,
Thank you so much for your excellent work. My boyfriend Gary was really impressed with everything you and your wife did for the inspection.  We went out with friends that evening and he raved to everyone about your work. This is my first time buying a house by myself and it is such a huge relief knowing everything has been checked out.  I will definitely recommend you to friends!  Have a great weekend.

Lana ___________         2-25-2017

Very impressed. I will be sending business your way
Thank you,
Jerry ______          Realtor             12-20-2017

Hello Mr.Taylor,
Thank you again for coming out this morning. We appreciate all your support. Do you mind writing a statement about your findings today for the mortgage company?

Brendan __________         2-6-2016

Thanks Dave,
the pleasure was all mine. I really appreciate you and your wife’s work. I also received the invoice and agreement on your last email just so you know. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends that are thinking of moving to the area. Have a wonderful day. Hopefully we will be in the house and closed by Thanksgiving.

Donny ____________       10-11-2017

Dave and Jeanne,
Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient report. You are a joy to work with.

Midge _______    Realtor            1-27-2016


Thank you Dave , I appreciate your prompt and professional service. It was a pleasure sir.  Thank you again.

Ken ________   7-23-2018


That is fine.  We are buying the house.  Thanks for your awesome report.  With the detailed report, we were able to renegotiate the price.
We just want to see what we bought thru your pics.  Enjoy your vacation.
Pam and Mark __________   5-26-2018


Hey Dave:  Everything worked well, and I recvd. my new lower cost home insurance policy.
It was pure joy to call State Farm and tell them, “You’re so fired that it’s incredible just how fired you are!”
I have been burned by home inspections in the past, therefore, my natural suspicion should be understood.
You have done a fine job and I appreciated your help.  
John ________  1-7-2018